The Mentelity Foundation and the Dutch Foundation for the Disabled Child have the same mission: To inspire people with a physical challenge and show them all the possibilities even with their disability.
The Snowstar programme makes it possible for children and young adults with a physical challenge and their brothers, sisters and parents to enjoy wintersports again as a family. The clinics and other activities that we organise are for people with a disability together with their friends and family.

The Snowstar programme supports associastions (and indoor slopes) in setting up a programme for disabled wintersports. Snowstar helps promoting new facilities and help with recruit new members from schools and rehabilitationcenters. Through this, the childres and young adults get a new challenge and can go on holiday again as a family. To realise this goal we organise ”Snowboard Fun Days” and we continue giving snowboardlessons on sunday mornings. During a Snowboard Fun Day it is possible for kids and young adults with a physical challenge and other members of the family or friends to get acquinted to the benefits of wintersports. Next to the lessons, the participants will be informed about the locations of our lessons and the trips to the mountains in the winter.

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Snowstar is made possible by:


Every year we organize diverse activities to stimulate exercising with a physical challenge. Without financial support from you we can’t fulfil this.



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