The Mentelity Foundation is proud of its partners, who play an important role in contributing financially in order to make the goals of our foundation come true.

Johan Cruyff Foundation

“ the Johan cruyff brings the youth to move and sport”

It is a non-profit organisation that focuses on fostering mental and physical well-being of children and teenagers.


With the support of the NSGK we get the chance to let the Snowstar project come true. This is a project contributing to helping children and young adults with a challenge expand and push their boundaries. Also parents and other people in the inner circle get a better image of the possibilities because of this project. Wintersport tracks are being inspired to offer altered tracks, to make it possible for children and young adults to snowboard and ski on the tracks as well.


The Mentelity Foundation works together with Clipforce. Clipforce is our regular partner in Media production. They are specialised in the production of Online videoing and animation. Since 2010 they have been busy with developing allround video content.

Puur produkties

Puur productie is our regular partner for events and activities. With their incredible taste and passion and drive for quality they manage to seduce our senses and result in a culinary pleasure. They are different than other companies, with outstanding appreciation from customers. Let Puur produkties take care of the event you are excited for!


Every year we organize diverse activities to stimulate exercising with a physical challenge. Without financial support from you we can’t fulfil this.



De Gouden Venus van Milo

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