Over €24,000 donated for the #GiftforBibian

We closed the year 2020 with a special surprise for Bibian Mentel. With the action #GiftforBibian, everyone could participate in a Christmas gift for Bibian. In total, nearly 1,500 donations were made through the Tikkie action. Good for a proceeds of €24,750. A wonderful amount! 

Dutch celebrities, friends, family and people who play sports at the Mentelity Foundation put in a massive effort. With special video messages, they called on everyone to donate and also placed an appeal. In total, all these online expressions reached more than 2.8 million people.

For Bibian Mentel, the action was a surprise. "I want to thank everyone incredibly who participated in this action," she told me in surprise. "I was so happy and delighted when I saw all the videos go by. It was a fantastic Christmas because of this beautiful gift. With the money raised we will again help many children with the Mentelity Foundation." Would you still like to contribute to the #GiftforBibian? Then you can donate through this link!

Year full of challenges 

2020 was a year full of challenges for the Mentelity Foundation. Several events were cancelled and the annual Mentelity Gala, the main source of income, also fell through. But despite that, we continue to push hard for children and young adults with physical challenges. Read how we looked at opportunities in 2020 here!