Mentelity Games moved to 2022

The Mentelity Foundation and the Mentelity Games organization have decided to move the 2021 winter sports trip to 2022. A difficult decision, but in our opinion the only right decision at this time.

With the current corona measures, both in the Netherlands and Switzerland, and the negative travel advice until at least March 19, it is not responsible for the Mentelity Foundation and the organization of the Games in terms of health of our participants to organize the trip. In addition, it is a great financial risk if passage cannot be taken for granted.

Participants and volunteers of the Games have since been informed of the postponement of the winter sports trip. Among them of course much disappointment, but above all understanding for the decision. That does us as an organization good to hear.

Mentelity Games 2022

The Games have been moved to April 2022. On Monday, April 4, participants will arrive in Saas-Grund. Tuesday, April 5 through Friday, April 8 are all about fun in the snow and mountains. On Saturday, April 9, participants leave for home again.

(Future) Participants or volunteers with questions about moving the Games can contact Thijs Kroezen at thijs@mentelity.org. Let's hope we can travel together again soon and the corona crisis is under control. Until then: keep moving and stay healthy!