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Motivation to Move week!

Are you taking action for people with physical challenges or would you like to enjoy sports with your physical challenge? Then join the Motivation to Move week and get moving. At the bottom of the page you will find a link to all the activities of this cool week from June 6 to 12, 2022! 

More than two million people in the Netherlands live with a physical disability. For a large part of them, exercise, playing and sports are not always possible. The Mentelity Foundation therefore organizes the Motivation to Move week every year in week 23, with numerous (sports) activities to get this group of people moving as well. In 2022 the Motivation to Move week will be from June 6 to 12!


Exercise is important for everyone, but perhaps even more so for people with physical disabilities. Besides contributing to better health, it gets them out of social isolation. Something much needed, as 60% of people with physical disabilities sometimes feel lonely.

Get moving!
Because of the corona crisis, all people, worldwide, have experienced what it is like not to be able to move and play sports freely. For people with physical disabilities, however, this is the daily reality due to the lack of proper sports facilities or aids such as prosthetics. The Mentelity Foundation calls on all (famous) Dutch people, neighbors, colleagues, classmates, friends and family to make exercise, sports and play possible for these people as well.

This can vary from organizing a sports lesson for that child in a wheelchair, a golf clinic for that boy with one arm, a bike ride for the rehabilitation center from your town or just a walk with the elderly from your street. But also think about setting up an action to raise money to finance sports equipment or to make our events possible. Moving together is what motivates us!

During the Motovation to Move week, the Mentelity Foundation together with partners organizes various (sports) activities. Do you want to join us? Then register for one of the events from September 15, 2021 or buy a ticket. Of course you can also get moving yourself throughout the week by walking, running, playing sports or raising money. Then don't forget to share your activity with #motivationtomove and tag the @mentelityfoundation!

First edition
The first edition of the Motivation to Move week took place in 2021 from June 7 to 13. Watch a short video about the first edition here:


Sports at the Nike Campus

Are you ready for a sporty afternoon of challenging sports? Together with Nike, the Mentelity Foundation is organizing a sports afternoon at the Nike Campus in Hilversum

The Mentelity Beach Day

Get some exercise and a breath of fresh air on the beach? Come there to the Beach Day. Wave surfing and longboarding on Scheveningen beach and enjoy a closing barbecue. 

The Prosthetic Festival

Do you have a leg prosthesis and want to get more out of life or are you looking for more opportunities with your leg prosthesis? Then sign up now for the Prosthesis Festival on June 12!


Fancy popping across the water on a wakeboard? Then come to our event on June 7 in Almere and learn to control the board during this day!


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