We don’t accept that people with a physical challenge start to think in limitations. We often see that people with physical challenges start to think in limitations and accept that they can’t do a lot of things anymore. This they get told by their surrounding, doctors, friends and family but also by themselves. We know that everyone can do a lot more than they think. And we know that believing in possibilities can really enhance your life. That’s why we believe it’s our mission to end thinking in limitations.


To let people with a physical challenge know that they can do a lot more than they think they can do. We do this by letting them experience boardsports. When we teach people with a physical challenge to board, they often forget they have a disability. Also by letting them experience that they can indeed do something “impossible” like snowboarding, they realise that they can do so much more than they thought they could. After a few classes we can see that they get more secure and they start to see the possibilities that life has to offer and that they become less dependent and a lot happier. 

Also we reach our mission by changing the prejudice about people with a challenge by continuously showing people what we believe in, what we do and to share the results we achieve with this. By showing that people with a disability aren’t sad or scary, but just as unique and different as everyone else. 


We organise clinics for people with a physical challenge, we support para-snowboarders who want to reach the top and we share our experiences on a broad scale so that more people become aware of the possibilities and see what we have achieved so far. We are working to get rid of as many barriers as possible, that keep people with a challenge from doing sports. Sometimes these are logistic challenges, sometimes they are facilities. And sometimes physical or mental. By involving accommodations, organisations and often other family members, it is easier to achieve our mission and get people with a challenge to do boardsports. Some sporters become very competitive and want to join a topsport program: Team Mentelity. With this program they take part in world championships, international championships and the paralympic games. On a regular basis gold medals are a result.

Also we tell our story at different companies and institution, and mostly the story about Bibian herself, we are able to create a better foundation. 

We can do this for the people with a challenge, their family members, their medical staff and support. For firms and institutions and to the general public, that as a result learns to look differently at people with a challenge.


Every year we organize diverse activities to stimulate exercising with a physical challenge. Without financial support from you we can’t fulfil this.



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