Do you want to join us for the 2023 Mentelity Games? Then order your tickets quickly. Below we explain the different tickets and what choices you have. So read this carefully before putting together your own package at the bottom of the page!

NOTE: At this time there are no more tickets available to book for seated skiers because the maximum number of spots has been reached. Want to be put on the waiting list or have a question? Mail to thijs@mentelity.org

Stay with accommodation
If you want to use one of the accommodations of the Mentelity Games, you have the following choice: Hotel/guesthouse with breakfast (possibly with half-board at extra cost) or an apartment without breakfast. Here you can find more information about the accommodations. You can also choose a package with lessons or a package without lessons. This is especially intended for additional travel companions who are going with the participant such as friends or family members. They can choose to have two hours of lessons as well. In the image below you will find an overview of what is offered for each package and the corresponding prices. (Please note that to qualify for the Under 16 rate, the participant must turn 16 years old after April 1, 2023).


Stay without accommodation
Do you prefer to pick your own hotel, apartment or guesthouse to stay in? You can. Then choose from one of the packages below. Also with this package you can choose a package with or without lessons, as explained above. In the image below you will find an overview of what is offered per package and the corresponding price:


Additional options
In addition to the packages, there are a number of additional options to add. For example, for €160 you can purchase a ticket to take the bus to Switzerland. The bus leaves the middle of the country on Sunday evening, March 26, and returns to the Netherlands on Saturday, April 1.
Attention! There are again a number of bus tickets to order: both round trips and one-way tickets. Are you going on the bus and are you in a wheelchair? Please contact us in advance

In addition, it is possible for snowboarders to take advantage of a special promotion. When buying a ticket for the Mentelity Games, you can buy 5 or 20 lessons for the Mentelity Snowboard School in the Netherlands at a one-time discount. This way you can be well prepared for your trip or improve your skills even further after the Games. For 5 lessons you pay €150 (normally €250) and for a package of 20 lessons you pay €400 (normally €699)*.


*Thispromotion only applies to people who have not yet received a free ticket to the Mentelity Games through the Mentelity Foundation .