Join the Hohsaas 12-hour challenge!

The Mentelity Games can be organized by proceeds from the Hohsaas 12-hour challenge. During this relay race, teams of three skiers or snowboarders make as many runs as possible on the slopes of Saas-Grund during the night. From 0:00 to 12:00 it's time for the winter sports challenge of a lifetime and you can participate in one of the three challenges. Will you participate?

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Anyone who has ever been on winter sports knows what a sense of freedom it gives to descend the slopes while surrounded by the most beautiful mountain peaks. And this is precisely why winter sports enthusiasts are committed to the Hohsaas 12-Hour Challenge, so that people with physical challenges can also experience this feeling, because winter sports should be accessible to everyone.

This year there will be three challenges: The Distance Challenge, The Fun(d)raiser and The Tour Challenge. More explanation about the different challenges and other info can be found on the Hohsaas 12-Hour Challenge page. Are you committed to making winter sports accessible for everyone? Then sign up soon!

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