The Mentelity Games, 24-27th of March 2020, is a 4 day ski and snowboard event for disabled people together with their relatives and friends from all over the world. It will take place on the slopes of the mountains in Saas Grund, Switzerland. During this event the participants will ride together but most important, have fun together! The event will take place during 4 days, with new activities each day. This varies from clinics for first timers to a selection day for potentials. From learning how to sit-ski to racing in the newest equipment. Clinics will be given on all levels, from beginners onwards, by trainers, coaches and also by Paralympic athletes in all different snow sports. There will be a “Knowledge Street” where specialist will help you to get the best out of you and your sport. This event is also for NPC’s to exchange knowledge with their colleagues from different countries and to learn how to set up a professional program.


We organize this event to bring experienced disabled (pro) athletes and disabled winter sport lovers of all other levels together to learn from each other. To see what their potentials are but more important to experience winter sport to the max together with Paralympic athletes and their coaches. Imaginary boundaries set by themselves or by those involved in the care taking will be broken. We are going to show them that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. To get our lovely sport to grow we are going to show to the world that they need to start offering a Paralympic Winter Sport program. We have to show children and young adults that regardless their disability they can enjoy winter sport! We need Paralympic Heroes! Recreational sports need Heroes! Paralympic sports can only survive with a large recreational backbone.



The Mentelity Games will be held on the sunny slopes of the mountains of Saas Grund, Wallis, Switzerland.The Bergbahnen of Saas-Grund will be one of our partners. Save the date! The Games will take place from 24th-27th of March 2020.


Bibian Mentel, founder of the Mentelity Foundation, will be hosting this event. Bibian Mentel was a successful snowboarder in the Dutch-European and World scene winning over 128 gold medals. She lobbied for years to get snowboarding on the Paralympic agenda. She won 3 Gold medals in the Paralympics. All the Dutch snowboard athletes, participating in the Paralympic games in Sochi and Pyeongchang came from her foundation. Bibian now wants to devoted her time to help Paralympic Snowboarding grow and especially inspire girls all over the world to pick up snowboarding and participate in her passion.



Maybe this sounds a little unfair but there will be extra attention for female athletes. The world of Parasnowboard lacks female competitors thats why a few “Women Only” clinics will given by Bibian Mentel. There will be some extra promotion and everybody who brings in a female participant will get a reward. Be surprised!



Regardless your disability and if you have never ever visit a mountain, we get you on the slopes and take you for a ride.

For more information check the website: https://mentelitygames.com/mentelity-games/


Every year we organize diverse activities to stimulate exercising with a physical challenge. Without financial support from you we can’t fulfil this.



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