'Collect memories instead of possessions!'

At the top of Bibian's bucket list is getting reimbursed for the JUMP - which stands for Junior Modular Prosthesis. In our country, people are reimbursed for one prosthesis every three to five years. But that prosthesis, which costs 10,000 euros, is not suitable for running or playing soccer. But an extra soccer leg or swimming prosthesis carries that same 10,000 euro price tag.

Hardly anyone can do that and the health insurance company does not reimburse it. With the JUMP, we solve that. It is a prosthetic leg with a little tool that makes it easy to change feet. It comes with three. An everyday one, a water foot for in the shower and in the sea, and one for a sport of your choice.

At least 80% of able-bodied people exercise regularly, but among 10,000 prosthesis users, only 27% do. If just a 200-meter walk with a prosthesis hurts, you'd rather stay put.

If we show that quality of life improves with JUMP, then our prosthesis can enter basic insurance. To do so, we need to test the him on 75 people. The JUMP costs 10,000 to 15,000 euros, which amounts to an investment of 1,125,000 euros.


Target amount: €1,125,000

Above is the intermediate tally of donations we have received. Every day at 6 p.m. the intermediate tally will be updated. Together, let's make Bibian's dream come true and give her the love she deserves. Text LEEF to 4004 and make a one-time donation via the donation link you will receive.

Together we make the world more beautiful,

Team Mentelity