Junior Modular Prosthesis

In the Netherlands, about 10,000 children and young adults are unnecessarily sitting at home. Due to the too low reimbursements granted from health insurance, the majority of prosthesis users receive only one limited prosthesis per five years. However, someone with a leg prosthesis needs several feet in order to walk, swim, play sports or wear high heels once. Additional legs are not reimbursed and must be purchased by the user. An extra leg costs an average of €10,000.

For an able-bodied person, this would mean that you can only buy one pair of shoes once every five years. So if you choose ski boots, you have to go to work with them. If you choose a pair of dress shoes, you can't go on winter sports, play soccer, tennis or the beach for five years without a pair of dress shoes on your feet.

The JUMP, the Junior Modular Prosthesis, is going to change this. The Mentelity Foundation has developed a prosthesis that gives children and young adults a leg with multiple feet that they can switch themselves in a simple way just as an able-bodied person would switch shoes. This is not possible with current prosthetics. Besides the fact that the user does not have several feet, the user, due to inadequate technology, cannot change the feet himself.

Social added value

'Sport is passion; sport is fraternization; sport is healthy. Sport brings out the best in people, creates friendship and respect. If everyone enjoys sports, it makes for a core-healthy Netherlands.' NOC*NSF

The JUMP will increase the health and well-being of prosthetic users. Several studies have also shown that the JUMP contributes positively to the users' psychosocial well-being and physical functioning. In addition, disabled children will be able to play more again and this will bring them out of isolation. Since only 24% of all amputees play sports, it is very important to get this percentage up.

You and the JUMP
It is very important that the JUMP be included in basic care. The JUMP will ensure that soon all children and young adults will be able to play outdoors, play sports and be children again. With the JUMP we increase the quality of life of these prosthesis users and ensure that they can come out of their isolation and become a full part of society. To realize this, we need donors. We hope this has piqued your interest and will gladly provide you with more information.

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