Pro-snowboarder Bibian Mentel wants to get children and young adults with a physical challenge to exercise. That is why she founded the Mentelity Foundation. She herself is the living proof that it is possible.

Bibian Mentel lost her lower leg at the age of 27 because of cancer. At that time she was a top athlete and was about to qualify for the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, USA (2002).

4 months after her amputation she was back on her snowboard and 7 months later she was Dutch Champion again! Although the cancer came back seven times she kept snowboarding. In February 2017 she became world champion for the 5th time.

Snowboarding has been on the Paralympic program since 2014, thanks to the efforts of Bibian. In Sochi she won the very first Paralympic gold medal in snowboarding. In Pyeong-Chang she did this again and won 2 gold medals. In 2014 and 2018 Bibian was awarded to Dutch Paralympic athlete of the year.

Bibian Mentel thinks sport is important: “Disabled people can do more than they think, they just have to do more for it. The Mentelity Foundation is there for people with a physical challenge and helps people to look at possibilities instead of limitations.  It’s all about mentelity.

Living with a physical challenge can be very difficult, that’s why it is of extreme importance to keep looking at the possibilities instead of the limitations of living with such challenges. The Mentelity Foundation organizes sportive activities of a high skill level contributing to the mental and physical developments of the person in question. Do you want to stay updated on our events? Then Like our Facebook page! Do you have questions about your challenge, then we would love to help you out.

In our foundation we don’t speak of a physical disability but a physical challenge.



Every year we organize diverse activities to stimulate exercising with a physical challenge. Without financial support from you we can’t fulfil this.



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