Soccer clinics De Hoogstraat

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Are you ready to improve your soccer skills? Then come to the soccer clinics organized by the Mentelity Foundation during Motivation to Move week

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Sports at the Nike Campus

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Are you ready for a sporty afternoon of challenging sports? Together with Nike, the Mentelity Foundation is organizing a sports afternoon at the Nike Campus in Hilversum

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Trampoline jumping and wall climbing

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Feel like jumping on a trampoline or come wall climbing? Then come to Play-IN in Utrecht during Motivation to Move week for a fun afternoon!

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The Mentelity Beach Day

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Get some exercise and a breath of fresh air on the beach? Come there to the Beach Day. Wave surfing and longboarding on Scheveningen beach and enjoy a closing barbecue.

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The Prosthetic Festival

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Do you have a leg prosthesis and want to get more out of life or are you looking for more opportunities with your leg prosthesis? Then sign up now for the Prosthesis Festival on June 12!

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Fancy popping across the water on a wakeboard? Then come to our event on June 7 in Almere and learn to control the board during this day!

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SUP trip Amsterdam and Utrecht

By |2022-06-07T10:53:31+02:0014May 2021|Motivation|

Fancy seeing Amsterdam or Utrecht from a different angle? Then join the Mentelity SUP tours through the city center and enjoy yourself on the water!

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