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All about the Mentelity Games

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The Mentelity Games is the winter sports event for people with physical challenges and their friends and family.

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Information & Program

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Do you want to travel well prepared? Then take a quick look here for the Mentelity Games program and all the practical information.

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Buy your tickets for 2023 here

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Check out the different tickets here, order your tickets for the 2023 Mentelity Games and join the journey to Switzerland.

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Accommodations Games

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Are you buying a ticket to the Mentelity Games including a place to stay? Then check here what the different options are.

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To volunteer at the Games

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Would you like to come along to the Mentelity Games as a volunteer? Then see what we can all use your help with in Switzerland.

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Hohsaas 12-hour challenge

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Want to participate in the Hohsaas 12-hour Challenge and raise money for the Mentelity Games? Click quickly for more information!

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