Jip van den Hurk

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Jip van den Hurk (9) is only too happy with his blade. "On his blade, Jip moves easier and therefore keeps it up longer," mother Patricia proudly explains.

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Marlene Out

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"My sports prosthesis has given me more self-confidence," says Marlene, who has made huge strides in tennis since she got her new prosthesis.

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Luut Schellekens

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Luut Schellekes is glad she could be helped in the Re-Abled project. "My prosthesis now really is an aid and not a limiting thing," she says.

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Danny Wagenhuis

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Danny was not able to accept his challenge until later in life. His introduction to the Mentelity Foundation plays an important role.

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Lizzie van der Bas

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The Re-Abled project has caused enormous change in the life of Lizzie van der Bas (7). "Now I can really do everything I want to do."

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Merijn Koek

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Merijn Koek: "In my adolescence sports was a must, I didn't always like it. Since I met Bibian Mentel, that has changed."

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Xan Engelsman

By |2022-08-08T10:14:11+02:0011November 2021|Change, Story|

Xan Engelsman is happy with his new prosthesis and is now playing field hockey at a higher level than before. "This leg really makes a difference. I'm faster!"

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Jayley Krewinkel

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Jayley Krewinkel is completely used to her new JUMP prosthesis. Every morning she tells her parents, "Just give me that spring!"

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